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YISEVEN Women Sheepskin Leather Gloves Rope Knot


YISEVEN Women Sheepskin Leather Gloves Rope Knot

Product Description

YISEVEN - Knows What You've Been Looking for

Great style is a part of daily life. Whether hand stitched or done by soft and real leather, gloves always play an active role in your wardrobe.

YISEVEN gloves are the epitome of elegance meeting functionality. It's a luxury everyone can afford, and it's the combination of manufacture expertise and contemporary style that makes YISEVEN gloves exclusive. We craft fine leather gloves that are extraordinary stylish, durable, and function.

Choose from many colors and styles for you. Finally, the winter cold will never bother you anymore!

Higher in Quality

YISEVEN gloves are made with high quality genuine leather. They are crafted with fine leathers that are resistant, flexible, breathable, and that will hold their shape after wearing.

- A Perfect Fit

  • our talented glovemakers lovingly craft each pair of YISEVEN leather gloves, ensuring sturdy seams, exceptional details, and a perfect fit that will last for years.
  • We provide variety of glove sizes form XS to XXXXL. You can always rely on us to find a pair of gloves that fit you great.

(*Note: these gloves are designed to tightly fit your hands, so you might find difficult first time put your hands in. It is normal. The extensibility of leather will shape it to perfectly and comfortably fit your hand after wearing a few days. In case you look for a comfortable fit from the beginning, we suggest you to go up for one size.)

Warm, Fashion, and Functional

YISEVEN offers an array of modern and traditional gloves. Our stylish sophisticated gloves are suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

- Warm amp; Fashion​
When it is cold outside, lined leather gloves are the way to go. These gloves are soft, warm, and slim designed. You will get the value you paid for.

- Touchscreen Compatible
With these Touchscreen leather gloves, you don't have to remove your gloves to use your touchscreen device when keeping warm. It is convenient to send messages with them, almost without a mistake.

- Special Occasions
For daily use, party, gifts, or any special occasions. Also a wonderful choice for driving, not only does the leather assist with grip, but is also helps maintain the steering wheel and shift knobs.

Feel the Soft and Warm without Worries


*When new the leather has a characteristic odor. This is normal and the odor will fade away after a few days.

- Don't do these:

  1. Rub on sharp or rough objects
  2. Place under the sun directly
  3. Dry it with a hair dryer
  4. Clean them with water, Hand wash, or Machine wash

Maintain amp; Care for your Gloves:

1. When you put on a glove, you should ideally not pull on the cuff, but gently push down in between the fingers
2. Under no circumstances should you use a hair dryer, a radiator, or direct sunlight
3. If your glove is very wrinkled, you can use an iron on the lowest heat setting and use a dry piece of cotton to protect the leather from the iron (this may needs some skill and is best done by professionals)
4. Regularly hydrated your gloves with leather conditioner to keep the material flexible and strong

Bend-Over-Backwards Service:

Every pair begins with the finest lambskin leather and featured with unique detailing, ensureing you the best shopping experience.

We back every product we sell and feel if you buy something from us, you deserve to get what you expect.

We recognize that you are our most valuable asset and are committed to treating you as such.

YISEVEN Women Sheepskin Leather Gloves Rope Knot

Local Events

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