$34 Westin 301135 Safari Light Bar Mounting Kit Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Kit,Westin,www.omcrane.com,Light,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Mounting,Safari,301135,$34,Bar,/extraretinal416883.html Westin 301135 Safari Award-winning store Light Mounting Bar Kit $34 Westin 301135 Safari Light Bar Mounting Kit Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Westin 301135 Safari Award-winning store Light Mounting Bar Kit Kit,Westin,www.omcrane.com,Light,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Mounting,Safari,301135,$34,Bar,/extraretinal416883.html

Westin 301135 Year-end gift Safari Award-winning store Light Mounting Bar Kit

Westin 301135 Safari Light Bar Mounting Kit


Westin 301135 Safari Light Bar Mounting Kit

Product description

Product Description

Westin Safari Light Bars helps in protecting the front end with a rugged appearance that appeals to active lifestyles. It includes slotted 1" x 0.5" hole tabs that accommodate a wide variety of auxiliary lights up to 6" in diameter. Its welded tabs allow for east auxiliary light mounting while the mount brackets are customized for each application. It transforms vehicle by adding a tough, rugged look that does not overpower compact, midsize trucks and SUVs. The fully welded one-piece construction bolts on quickly and easily with no vehicle modifications on most applications. Light bars are made from heavy-duty 2 diameter steel tubing and equipped with light tabs for driving lights.

From the Manufacturer


  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999-2001

Westin 301135 Safari Light Bar Mounting Kit

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