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Funny Thinking of You Blank Postcards Trust To Ranking TOP8 Famil Send Friends

Funny Thinking of You Blank Postcards To Send To Friends Famil


Funny Thinking of You Blank Postcards To Send To Friends Famil

Product description

*** Bigger... Better... and Best of All... Cuter. Presenting Funny Quarantine Postcards, Designed by a Mom for Moms. Set of 100 Fill-In Postcards, 25 of each design (4"x6" Each) Can be mailed without an envelope for discounted postage ***

*2-sided printing for that added pop of color amp; extra touch of quality
*Standard 4"x6" size for postcards
*Heftier 80# cardstock with a smooth matte finish (so it's easier to write on)

What's more, you can count on these eye-popping invites for all-American craftsmanship: They're designed, printed amp; carefully hand-packaged right here in the USA. To top it off, the complete set is fully backed by Amazon's 30-Day Guarantee.

OMG, They're the Absolute Cutest... So Add to Cart Right Away!!

Why choose Invitations from Amanda Creation?
*Every invitation is custom designed by Amanda herself!
*Amanda Creation has been in business since 2011 bringing unique party items to moms and children.
*Our invitations are completely unique, you won’t find designs like these anywhere else. Stand out with your celebrations and get the most creative and innovative invitations instead of mass produced invitations that can be found anywhere.
*We pay attention to the smallest details, because they are hand designed complete care is taken in making them extra special to be the most beautiful invitations you have ordered.
*We stand behind our product, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason simply contact us to return your product for a full refund.

Funny Thinking of You Blank Postcards To Send To Friends Famil

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